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Okay, I'm just going to brainstorm all the ideas I've ever had for Astroneer.



Resources: Sphalerite, Malachite, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Calcium

Appearance: *Same*

Aggressive Flora: Popcoral, Daggeroot (found near core)

Size: Medium


Resources: Wolframite, Sphalerite, Silver, Calcium

Appearance: Same but less gravity again

Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot, Popcoral

Size: Small


Resources: Malachite, Wolframite, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Magnesite, Cobalite, Calcium

Appearance: Same

Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot, Wheezeweed, Spinelily, Popcoral

Size: Medium


Resources: Lithium, Titanite, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Argon, Silver, Calcium, Mercury

Appearance: Same

Aggressive Flora: Lashleaf, Thistlewhip, Lobber, Popcoral, Daggeroot

Size: Medium


Resources: Hematite, Lithium, Hydrogen, Methane, Calcium, Magnesite, Mercury

Appearance: Same but add blue splotches (idk why)

Aggressive Flora: Lashleaf, Thistlewhip, Cataplant, Popcoral, Daggeroot

Size: Small


Resources: Titanite, Hematite, Argon, Gold, Calcium, Mercury

Appearance: Same

Aggressive Flora: Cataplant, Boomalloon, Popcoral

Size: Large


Resources: Gold, Stibnite, Calcium, Pyrite

Appearance: *Same

Aggressive Flora: Spewflower, Attactus, Wheezeweed, Spinelily

Size: Large

so those were my old planet ideas



*The ones you’d find in atmosphere or ground*


Found on: Desolo, Atrox, and Vesania.

Found mostly in: Mountains and deep caves.

Used for: Portable Oxygenator, Small RTG, large wind turbine, can be traded instantly instead of scrap.

Rarity: Rare

Appearance: White and Shiny Laterite


Found on: Atrox and Glacio

Found mostly in: Caves

Used for: Portable Oxygenator, Large Solar Panel, can be traded instantly instead of crap oh i mean scrap.

Rarity: Rare

Appearance: Golden Compound


Found on: Novus and Calidor

Found mostly in: Deserted plains

Used for: Magnesium in the Smelting furnace

Rarity: Uncommon

Appearance: Beige colored spines, similar to old Malachite but not square shaped.


Found on: Calidor

Found mostly in: Caves and Mountains

Used for: Cobalt in the smelting furnace

Rarity: Common

Appearance: Spheres on top of one another making spines. (kind of like stacked compound)


Found on: Atrox

Found mostly in: Plains and Caves

Used for: Antimony (smelted stibnite)

Rarity: Uncommon

Appearance: Thick Black and Gray striped spines


Found on: All except Atrox

Found mostly in: Caves and near the core

Used for: Large oxygen filters and Crates

Rarity: Rare

Appearance: Dark Red Resin


Found on: Glacio, Novus, and Vesania

Found mostly in: *atmosphere

Used for: Extra large shuttle, Platinum, Mercury Thruster

Rarity: *50 ppu on Glacio 100 ppu on Vesania and 25 ppu on Novus

Appearance: Silver Substance


Found on: Atrox

Found mostly in: The valleys on Atrox

Used for: Extra large shuttle, Platinum,

Rarity: Rare

Appearance: Orange Square-shaped compound


Found on: Novus and Calidor

Found mostly in: Caves

Used for: Radon, Large Battery, Large RTG

Rarity: Rare

Appearance: Same as Lithium but Dark Blue that fades to black


Found on: Vesania

Found mostly in: Caves

Used for: Radon *Can kill the player if you get too close

Rarity: Rare

Appearance: Graphite but green and glowing and much thicker


Comes from: Magnesite

Used for: Extra large shuttle

Appearance: Blue Resin


Comes from: Cobalite

Used for: Large Thruster, Mercury Thruster (idk why but sounds interesting)

Appearance: Dark blue cube with a red dot in center (dot optional)


Comes from: Stibnite

Used for: Double Cable (Used to put a small cable into a large input, eg = trailer + medium rover), Extra large shuttle

Appearance: Orange Compound

so those were my old resource ideas

yep dats it

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