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I personally think there should be like Low Gravity Boots and Like a Bubble Shield. I've heard like rumors about a jetpack but how would you use this jetpack? well the only logical way to equip it is to have a screen for equipment. There would be 3 slots for items Modules, Boots, Chest/Back. Modules would be like the mods for drills allowing 1 extra slots for the drill which can be very helpful sometimes (I personally dont use mods anymore) Boots, there would be atleast 2 kinds, Weighted boots and the Low-Gravity Boots. The Weighted Boots would make you slide slower and move slower but falling faster, falling faster may be very helpful when in the core of a planet and the gravity is very slow. Low-Gravity Boots, you still maintain the speed and everything but you jump like your always on a planet with low gravity. Obviously if the planet has low gravity the boots will make you jump with lower gravity. Chest/Back would be for a Jetpack or a like a bubble shield that allows you to take more damage from those bad plants.


While typing this I got a few Ideas:

Modules - Oxygen Upgrade, Power Upgrade, Protective Bubble (Hamster Ball)

Boots - Rocket Boots ( adding this would take away the use of the Chest/Back for a Jetpack )


Also maybe add an late game item called the package gun

It would replace having to make tons of packagers

the crafting recipe would be like graphene and nanocarbon alloy


But there would need to be a terrain tool upgrade which sounds cool


Some ideas might be:

That package gun, laser pistol ( for long ranged attacks on plants) 

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It's actually not a "firearm" or something destructive, which I would interpret being the restricted thing. Just don't call it a gun and it'll be fine ;)

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