Game Preview (Game Pass version) - Xbox One - Hard Crash on Save

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Summary: Game Preview  -  Right after the Lunar Update - Xbox One
Description: After the lunar update on xbox I have been running into crashes almost every time I try to save. When I travel in any planet the game lags to the point that I need to stop walking for a while. The crashing happened when I enter a buggy or rover. I have tried to go to options to Save & Quit, and this crashed the game as well.
Last one that happened I was in Novus collecting graphite, using the terrain tool and generally walking around,  went to enter the shuttle and the game hard-crashed. I have not been able to play since because each time I try to save, crash. I can't provide a log since I don't know how to do that on xbox one.
Solutions I Tried: Tether clean up. Uninstalling/Installing.
Platform: XBox One
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This is still a problem. My progress is no good because whenever I go to save and finish the game crashes. Can't finish Glacio and Atrox. Tried to go back to Silva and played for a while stocking up on resources. Tried to go finish Glacio and was stuck for hours trying to move forward.

Is anyone even looking at these? 

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