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[Steam]Crash To Desktop

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Playing the current steam version (I have no clue what that is mind). ((Edit: Lunar Update))

Was packing up my base to move it to a nice flat area.

Packing up the research center (6 research chambers), some of which had research samples loaded but not actually being researched (not started), I miss-placed a packager onto a research sample rather than the chamber. It packed up fine (the sample), leaving it on the un-powered but still functional chamber...

For reasons that escape me I tried to research this packed research sample. Bear in mind that if I'd placed the sample pre-packed onto the chamber I'd have no option to do that. The UI for the chamber showed the correct b/m, bytes total, etc but when I clicked the start button the game crashed with no errors (or logs apparently). - Brief video showing the above.

System: Amd Ryzen 1600, 16Gb RAM, 1060 6Gb GPU, Win 10.

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