Electronics laboratory - prints PCB, AC, transistors and more

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Recently I was building custom fun tools in Astroneer using existing pieces, such as platforms, research items, plant seeds, minerals, and then I thought that having electronics lab would provide endless opportunities for different kind of creations.

So, the suggestions is to implement electronics laboratory, similar to the chemistry laboratory. There will be the following items:

- Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
- Alternating Current Generator (AC / ACG).
- Wire.
- Capacitor.
- Diode.
- Transistor.
- Switch for AND, OR, XOR, NOT operators and manual on/off.
- Light sensor.
- Movement sensor.
- Memory (RAM) bit.

The electronics lab will consume silicone, resin, copper, aluminum, steel, plastic to print the items.

In the future, some (or all) existing structures might receive Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which, for example, would allow to use electrical input in order to instruct chemistry lab to produce an element.

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Automation currently has a lower priority. We do need automation but not yet.
But I do like you ideas, I hope they will be used in the future.

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