Astroneer optimisation

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So, from what i understand, the more tethers you have, the laggier the game gets which tells me that that each individual tether is doing something. If it's calculating whether a player is within it's range, it shouldn't. The player should be doing that calculation and "telling" the teher once they are. If they are checking whether all the previous tethers are connected to an oxygen supply, they shouldn't. At the moment they are placed, they should do that once for the one previous tether and then stop. If they are picked up again, THEN they should "inform" all the tethers after them to stop supplying oxygen. The only tether that should be checking anything every frame is the first one connected to the platform to check if there is an oxygen supply or not. If you are already doing these things or I am just saying something dumb and not efficient then please tell me.

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