Guy Cockitt

Astroneer crashes very often

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1.3.11-Windows 10 Store-Astroneer is almost unplayable due to crashes


The game crashes usually within about five minutes of loading into my world.

Windows 10 Store

Version / Build Number: 


  • OS: Windows 10 Home 1903
  • CPU: Intel i5-4690K @ 3.5GHz (no overclocking)
  • GPU: RX 480 4GB
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600
  • Drive: Either a "Crucial - MX100 256 GB SSD", or a scavenged 1TB Hard Drive of unknown model, the Windows Store won't tell me which.

This is an issue that affects a saved world which I play with a friend. I, the host, freeze up for about a second, and then the game crashes and drops me to desktop. This started happening after I made my first flight off Sylva, to Novus, possibly around the time the game updated to 1.2.10. We thought this was something that would get hotfixed quickly, but the problem persists into 1.3.11.

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Update: I started a singleplayer world so that I could visit the Moon Lander and get the skin. I decided to continue playing it afterwards, and, after a while, that save has become very unstable as well, having the same type of crash. Maybe this has something to do with the problem I've seen reported about save files beyond a certain size?

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