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Dirty Bird

Tethers broken ? No death flag ?

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 If you die now it doesn't always flag your body this happened twice last night and i looked for several hours trying to find it to get my gear back. I'm thinking that my body went through the map. i was on the moon when that happened. I knew i was going to die and was in and area i have been several times, normally i could just go and get my things. not now.

Tethers are a little broken at the moment to. you can put them out, they work. if one of them gets moved ( like if you put ground back over the area and it breaks the contact with the main line of tethers , or have picked one up to move it over) putting one back doesn't always work. i put several in between the 2 all the way up to and past the one that was still up and undisturbed and it didn't reconnect. This is and intermittent problem, have had to pick up all the dead ones and place them back all down from the break area. 

I'm playing the Beta vers, and i'm on windows 7 x64 prof. and Steam game. ( Here's hoping this will play in linux when jan gets here lol )

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