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This is on Xbox One, controller.

I got out of my rover to collect a resource and when I finished and turned back around, it was gone!

My rover was equipped with a seat and a wind turbine. It was attached to another rover which was equipped with two storage units (the ones that hold 8 each).

Unfortunately I was very far from my base when this happened and I suffocated. I dropped a beacon before I died. How close do I need to be to see the location of my beacon, because I can't see it from my base.

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The rovers are affected by winds so they can be moved away without your attention.

And sometimes they can move down thru a thin ground layer in the cavern underground.

I have the same sutuation - I'm started a base on the moon and when I'm returned my truck is gone without any tracks. I don't remember have it been connected to the base or not - if not, it can be gone with the wind.

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I am playing on the PC version with windows 10 and have the same problem.


Rover disappeared after getting out to collect resources. Not sure if I wandered far enough away to become in tethered to the rover. It disappeared and I died loosing lots of stuff.


Shame it was my first exploration on the rover and was loving it.

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Same here - got out of the rover to collect resources and when I turned around to load, the rover was gone.

Also had a storage rack (unattached to anything disappear when I was standing right next to it.

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