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Incorrect translation of new things in Korean

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Hi, I'm Korean User.

You Have New Update in Summer.

I Love That.

but, You have one word Incorrect translation in korean.

Recreational Sphere
Recreational Canopy

You translated it as "재창조 스피어", "재창조 케노피"

Recreational is not "재창조"

"재창조" Means "RE + Creation" or reinventing

I think the right translation is "놀이용" (means "for Play".) or "레크리에이션" (Means "Recreation" Korean pronunciation)

I Saw that name first time, i think something transforming device.

little bit confusing.

I'd like it to be applied to the next patch.

I using Translation. my some word is Nonsense.

Thanks for read. and Thanks for make this game.

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