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Xbox One Mulitplayer Multi-issues

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Let me start off with this, this is an outstanding game, even if it is just game preview. However there  are some key/huge/issues. Which is fine because I know it is still new and being worked on.

1. Saving on Xbox One practically doesn't exist. I spent 5+ hours working on a world I was very proud of and it disappeared when I returned from dinner and restarted the game. This was very saddening.

2. My friend bought the game after I suggested it (even after the saving issue I recommended it), I joined him and at first I was red and it took several tries to join. Upon joining I experienced these issues:

A. The syncing between us was terrible first try and we both lagged out. Beginners luck, we still were able to play with each other for like 5 minutes.

B. Tethers don't emit light, no matter how many times I restart the game and rejoin his game.

C. Upon the 4th time rejoining, I could not gather resources anymore besides Power resources. Everything else went to waste.

D. The Dust Storms come very frequently in Multiplayer, moreso than single player, it could depend on planet or location, but it was very often and annoying as it slowed everything down, including inside of caves.

E. Player Two doesn't sit right inside of the Habitat chair and ends up sitting outside on an invisible chair.

F. Items are a bit more difficult to place down for some reason. Like I said I have put over 7 hours into the game at this point and I am enjoying it still, but this is a recurring issue as of right now.

3. Falling through the world to a cave and dying. I have recovered multiple times, but it happens if I am not careful enough.


Otherwise this is an Amazing game for where it is at right now, I love the game. It has a quirky cuteness and great atmosphere.

Concept: 9.5/10

Playability: 6/10

Fun: 10/10

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