Novus Unlocked message error

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Version :

Platform : PC

Issue : UI message when unlocking Novus Gateway Engine incorrect

Steps to Reproduce : Travel to the Novus Gateway engine for the first time. Activate with two Silicone to gain two of the Key objects. Apply one Key object to the Gateway Engine to unlock it. The "Unlocked : Novus" messages will appear.

Normally when you unlock a planet you will see a pair of messages on screen. One is to do with unlocking the planet itself and the other is to do with unlocking the suit. You will see messages like "Unlocked: Desolo and Unlocked: Desolo Suit". In the case of Novus you only see "Unlocked: Novus and Unlocked: Novus". The second message about the suit is incorrect and omits the word "suit".

I could not get a screenshot as the message had faded too much before I could capture it.

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