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1.2.10 - PC - Terrain Tool Bugged

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I logged in today after playing last night with no issues with the terrain tool. When I bring out my terrain tool by pressing 'E' it immediately begins terraforming without initiating it with my left mouse button. I've tried all the following (not in order):

- resetting key bindings even though I never changed them

- started new game

- switched to a different mouse

- removed previous mouse (logitech MX master) device and added it back

- re-installed the game. (did not delete local user files)

- opened in admin mode

None of which seemed to fix the issue.


I'm running i7-6600K, 16 gb ram, gtx 1070 ftw2, and running the game off SSD.

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Fixed it. Game controller was plugged in which for some reason today caused the issue even though it was plugged in before and had no issue.

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