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Astroneer Saying Offline Indeeed You Are Not

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My platform is Steam but this problem can occure on Xbox or Windows editions.
If it says offline but indeed you are online on the main menu Follow these steps : 🔽🔽

1- Try closing your firewall. If it didnt change anything make the next step.

2-Open your modem/router interface. If you don't know how, please contact with your ISP and get information how to do.

3-Click to the advanced. Then find Portforwarding/Virtual Servers menu.

4-Select HTTP for the service type then press scan, enter your IPv4 adress

5-Enter Astroneer port for the external ports. Be sure that you chose the correct protocol. (The ports which has got red box are the most reliable ones)  

‼️Note: All ports and portforwarding photos are at the bottom.

Done! Have a Nice Day

All Known Ports - Google Chrome 28.06.2019 09_34_04 (2).jpg

Archer VR600 - Google Chrome 28.06.2019 09_58_38.png

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I haven't tried this, but I like many others have this problem.  I started exiting out just by clicking the X on the top right of the game window instead of using the intended method of saving and quitting.  I just have to hop in a shelter or vehicle first.  I haven't had the issue of Astroneer staying running on Steam after I close it when I do this, which seems to be the trigger for Astroneer thinking I'm offline when I'm not.  The only other way to reset that glitch that I've found (again, haven't tried the above method) is restarting my computer.  

I've missed several very annoying achievements to recapture since the devs apparently have no idea how to integrate offline and online play.  So I hope this helps if you have found this comment and don't want to try the OP's work-around. 

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