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My idea behind this is to add late game printers and items that require Geometric triptych's and Astronium to craft. First off there will be the Triptych Printer, design wise I was thinking that would look like a smaller version of a Gateway Chamber, though still quite large compared to an Astroneer, perhaps the height of a Tall Platform and the width of a Shelter.


Triptych Printer: 2 Sylva Triptych, 2 Astronium - 10,000 Bytes 

Triptych Research Catalog Extension: 3 Astronium, 1 Sylva Triptych 

Resource Input: 2 Astronium, 1 Novus Triptych, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy - 15,000

Resource Output: 2 Astronium, 1 Novus Triptych, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy - comes with input

Portable Input: 1 Astronium, 2 Vesania Triptych, 1 Nanocarbon Alloy - 20,000

Triptych Platform A/B: 2 Astronium, 1 Sylva Triptych, 1 Novus Triptych 10,000 (each)

Triptych Platform: 2 Astronium, 1 Sylva Triptych, 1 Vesania Triptych - 10,000

Doubler Augment: 1 Astronium, 1 Desolo, 2 Nanocarbon Alloy - 30,000

Triptych Oxygen Tank: 1 Astronium, 2 Glass, 1 Titanium alloy - 7,500

Triptych Splitter: 1 Astronium, 2 Vesania Triptych, 1 Copper - 7,500

Triptych Packager: 2 Astronium, 2 Graphite - 7,500

Triptych Extenders: 2 Astronium, 2 copper - 7,500

Triptych Fireworks:  2 Astronium, 2 Calidor Triptych - 7,500


Triptych Printer: Used to print all Triptych items

Triptych Research Catalog Extension: Used to unlock new section in research catalog and unlock Triptych tech with bytes

Resource Input: A resource teleportation device that requires power to teleport items, the amount of U's going to the input affects the rate of teleportation, if power is cut then the item will fail to teleport and the input can be set a different colour to indicate which output to go to, is not interplanetary.

Resource Output: The device where a teleported item arrives.

Portable Input: Works the same as a regular input but is smaller an can be carried in the back pack, still requires power.

Triptych Platform A: Is a longer version of the Extra Large Platform and has two Tier 4 Attachment slots.

Triptych Platform B: Is a double sided version of the Extra large Platform B.

Triptych Platform: Is a Larger version of the Extra Large Platform C, with two Tier 4 Attachment slots in the centre and a Tier 4 Attachment slot on either end. (I feel that this is a bit much but I decided to added it anyway)

Doubler Augment: An augmentation for the Terrain Tool that consumes 3U/s and has a 25% chance of Giving you double resources when digging. 

Triptych Oxygen Tank: An Oxygen Tank that contains 25% more oxygen than the regular Tank 

Triptych Splitter: A Splitter That splits in three directions.

Triptych Packager: A Packager That compacts any object to a T1 Crate, no matter how big the module.

Triptych Extenders: Extenders That have a longer reach. 

Triptych Fireworks: Fireworks that have larger explosions.

If there is anything that you feel needs to addressed in this or if anything you think could be added then just tell me. 


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Well, all the alien technology and the Tryptych as part of it have one outstanding feature: teleportation. gameplaywise however it is indeed not overly convenient to make use of the gates. therefore new teleportations buildings that can be placed anywhere would be a useful addition and making them require a Tryptych to render these operational makes also sense. Since we still don't have much use for astronomium it could also be implicated in teleportation either as building material or fuel. 

A device to teleport just items seems rather odd it me. i am not entirely sure i can follow your description how it is supposed to work and therefore i find it hard to judge how practically useful it could be. imho teleportation buildings should come in two sizes: one medium-sized personal version, that works much like the gates (but with a new and better menu to select the destination) and a large version which allows vehicles to use it. it should also allow any object to pass through if dropped at the portal. that would require to make the large a version a point to point connection but perhaps with a control to change the end point.

As for your other ideas, i can see some benefit in upgraded versions of common items and buildings. however binding all of these to a Tryptch feels like overkill. 

As for the terrain tool agument in specific, i strongly disagree. the terrain tool is completely overpowered in its current state and it really doesn't need any more buffs. also in the end game i found most resource deposits i mine deeper below to yield excessive amounts of items that even the new storage silos are not large enough to store them all. on the other hand there is barely any resource sinks later on, making this all just feel like spam (uncollected resources might also impact game performance negatively).

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