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I have made a similar post in the past about the, check it out for more details. I think that a large gen should be added to the game, either one that runs off hydrazine, like in my other post, or have it run off Geometric Triptych's, of course what tripych you use would change the power output of the gen, for balance purposes, in order of lowest power to highest power output, would be: Atrox (Hydrogen), Sylva (Quartz), Desolo (Zinc), Novus (Silicone), Calidor (Explosive Powder), Vesania (Graphene) and Glacio (Diamond) Feel free to debate this order. The power output of each:

1.0U/s (100U)

1.0U/s (130U)

2.0U/s (150U)

3.0U/s (180U)

3.0U/s (200U)

5.0U/s (250U)

5.0U/s (550U)

If you feel like this could be changed and/or improved then feel free to give your own take on it. As for the design of the actual generator I wasn't sure on what that could be. If you think anything could be improved don't hesitate to tell me. 

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But why? No one would ever realistically build it (other then for fun). batteries + wind/solar setups would be far superior as they don't consume any resource (no micro needed) and yet yield all the power one needs. and then there is also the RTG which renders all other power buildings obsolete due to how terribly unbalanced these are.

don't forget there is also the medium generator which uses a simpler but similar mechanic to your idea and which i never even build because there was no situation where i had any need for it. perhaps maybe if there was a motivation to build underground bases in places where wind is also very limited such kind of buildings would make sense from a gameplay perspective. but as of now they simply don't (which is a pity but that's how things are).

lastly there is the bigger issue that we don't even have enough stuff that consumes that much power except maybe for the gateway unlocks. i found power problems are only an issue in the early game mostly because research is actually a constant power consumer there and batteries are not yet available. but at the point batteries become available collecting research bytes is nothing more then a habit rather then a necessity i.e. not a relevant factor for your power economy. large power buildings are usually unlocked even after that so they have to bring a big advantage considering they require more space and are thus less flexible to move around. and i don't see any apparent advantages in your suggestion. 

i'm not against large power buildings in general but i think they need to make sense gameplay wise first. 

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