How can you tell who's joined your game?

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There are a few signs that would suggest there's someone in my game, like the fact that I can feel the game slowing down for a moment and showing a sign saying: "saving game" (or something like that), which happens when one boards on a vehicle or goes inside the habitat. Also at a random time it showed: "Researching Large Shredder", I guess he was making a Large Shredder (?)

But I was not in Silva and I couldn't just stop what I was doing and go check. Is there a way I can confirm that someone had joined? And who that is maybe?

Thanks guys


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I would LOVE just a simple overlay of everything going on multiplayer-wise...maybe fitted into the catolaug...

Anyway a tell tale sign that someone is in your game is that you will get bytes at strange times such as random "BYTES COLLECTED:" popups or a steady increase of bytes in the catolaug. Also, you can commonly tell what planet they are on due the amount of bytes.

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This is presuming you use Steam.

You can look at your Friends list in Steam and see if anyone else you know is also playing Astroneer.  Right now, only Steam friends can join your game, not just random strangers.

You can also look at the friends list in Astroneer itself.

But to CONFIRM, the only way is to eyeball them.  Maybe see the Astroneer beacon on the horizon or up in the sky on one of the phantom planets.

To determine who it is, you'd have to hover the mouse cursor over their avatar to see their Steam name.

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