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I propose to do some new buildings: a blazer reclaimer (which will repair damaged transport, platforms and everything else) and a mini rocket is similar to an exchange platform (which will forward resources and some objects between players at different points of the planet and other planets). And I also propose adding several functions such as causing a shuttle to any point on any planet.

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Generally speaking, as written in the pinned post, you should add a lot more detail to your ideas. (Instead of having 3 ideas in 2 sentences)

1a. "blazer reclaimer" (what does that mean?):

I like the general idea of repairing stuff, but I think that should not be done in a building. More like a medium sized vehicle attachment similar to the drill.

Maybe I'll add a related idea later...


I also really like that general idea of having the possibility to send (up medium sized?) items to remote bases. Problems will be selecting the destination and storage capacity on the receiving end... Maybe the receiving end can be a smaller station.

Maybe I'll add a related idea later... ;)

2. Low orbit flight with possibility to land anywhere (?):

The were a lot of similar suggestions, would make things too easy in my opinion ;)


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