Exo Flight Test Smelting Furnace problems

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Smelting furnaces in EFT on platforms without free space no longer transfer items neatly to connected inventories or even to their own item slots, instead throwing the smelted resources off the smelting slot and onto the ground. They appear unable to move items from the smelting slot to their 4 item slots. Items can move to other slots on platform inventory, and from the 4 furnace slots to the smelting slot.


Above: Furnace rejecting smelted ceramic as if all slots were occupied

Additionally, furnaces, on or off, will not pull smeltable items from Medium Storage inventories connected to their platform (seen with Medium Storage on a Medium Platform B), unless an item [any item, it seems] is placed on one of the furnace's four lower slots.

This was not resolved by closing and reopening game. However, when I manually placed one of the Laterites onto the smelting slots, the furnace began to pull the other laterite, but only individaully, and only as the previous ore finished smelting.

I replicated this with quartz on a medium storage; moving the storage on and off the platform triggered no response, moving the smelting furnace off and back onto the platform also did nothing, as did turning it off and on. When i placed a piece of ceramic on one of the lower furnace slots, the quartz was pulled from the medium storage inventory and was smelted as normal. Adding unsmelted material to the Storage after the quartz had finished smelting had no effect, and would not move to the furnace. 

Furnace audio also cuts out if turned off and on quickly, but returns if turned off/on again. Not hugely important, but noticeable


Furnace: not pulling laterite from connected storage

Seen on Steam version, EFT

AMD Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1060 6GB 16GB RAM running Windows 10 v1803 (build 17134.829)

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As far as I know, the smelter was by recoded, the disadvantage being that it doesn't collect first material and requires the insertion of the first material so that it can melt remaining materials.

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