Nuclear Fusion Reactor

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I was reading another post on the forum when I stumbled into the idea of a Fusion reactor. Here are my ideas after viewing it, including some of their ideas:

Fuel: Hydrogen and Lithium, close to the IRL counterparts, Deuterium and Li-8.

Cost to make: In the Large Printer, it takes 2 Nanocarbon alloy and either 2 Astronium or 2 Refined Astronium (Refined Astronium is another idea)

Results: Helium and 24A of power

To reach Ignition: 1 Hydrogen Gas Canister, 1 Lithium, and 16A of power

To keep it running, it uses one fifth of a hydrogen gas canister and one fifth of lithium over 2 minutes.

Fits on: XL Platform A

If it runs out of fuel, it will safely shut down, unless it hits an unstable temperature, it will try to cool itself and display red lights, make annoying sounds, and warn the player. If the temperature is way too high, beyond self-cooling, it will melt down, breaking machines. If you stand near a fusion reactor during a meltdown: you die.

IRL: Fusion Meltdowns are theoretically rare, unlike Fission meltdowns (Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima).

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In my opinion, it would fit on a large platform A and C,fuel is a deuterium and regular lithium. As for the components to reactor, it is too complicated and I do not see the point, my suggestion is [1 steel, 1 tungsten, 1 copper, 1 titanium], the cost of bytes would be very huge, around 20,000-100,000. As for the fuel consumption will be very slow 1/5 of the container for one hour of work, and the consumption of lithium 1/8 reactor tank every 2 hours, trytium produced from lithium in the reaction separated and pumped into fusor chamber. The hot lithium will circulate between the flange and the cooler. As for the energy to activate the reaction, this is too little. And the reaction itself will start slowly, until the reaction starts producing enough tritium for synthesis. This model of the reactor itself will not last without continuous access to energy. If it does not get power, the reaction will stop and it will slowly cool to ambient temperature. When the lithium in the tank runs out, the neutrons will be able to escape from the chamber and cover, which will emit radiation (effect as on the Atrox planet), the reactor will heat up until the safety system interrupt and cool down. The reactor can only get damaged, and the most important thing can't explode.

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