The Mining, Utility and Lifting Exoskeleton (M.U.L.E.) is a large size transport robot that is intended for late game. It has 2 arms, 2 legs, a pilot position on top (which still allows access to the backpack) and a medium connector/storage slot in the back. One each shoulder is one small slot. There is no default power or oxygen storage included, so the mule will drain power from the player when doing stuff. 1. Mining The right arm works like the player's tool, with the increased size mod always active (which leads to energy consumption while in use). It has two small slots on the right outer side to use with canisters and mods. 2. Utility 2.1 Legs connector The legs have 2 connectors each on the bottom with have the sole purpose to store the mule on a large storage space. 2.2 Back connector The back connector is medium sized and has a power plug. When plugged, the storage space is not available. When plugged to movable objects, the mule can actually pull up to medium sized rovers (so they finally have a purpose), the more, the slower. 2.3 Leg utility (basic) Each leg has a role. The right one is the speed leg which increases the general movement and allows sprinting. (2.3.1) The left one is the jump leg, which allows jumping much higher/further. (2.3.2) Each leg has an integrated slot (like a small square missing) which allows to alter or enhance the role. If you put hydrazine canisters into the slot, the corresponding role will use this as fuel to boost its role. It will allow for even higher speeds (right) or hovering/horizontal flight (left). (2.3.3) 2.4 Leg utility (alternatives) The alternetives always overrides the "empty" role. I tried to match the effects to medium sized slots, numbers are not fixed Small generator (2.4.1) does actually add 3 organic slots. Medium generator, boxed (2.4.2) adds one corbon slot. Small battery (2.4.3) adds a 5 small battery equivalent of power storage. Medium battery, boxed (2.4.4) adds a medium battery equivalent of power storage. All power options enable power tether. Oxygen tank (2.4.5) adds 5 slots of oxygen storage. Oxygenator (2.4.6) does what it does. All oxygen options enable oxygen tether. Canister (2.4.7) does add an equivalent of 5 canisters. Any material stored here is moved into empty canisters on the arm slots. 3. Lifting The left arm is used like carrying as a player. It can "store" one up to medium size item. It can actually lift bigger items than the player, which has a constant energy cost and slows down depending on size. There could be an option to "throw" up to medium sized items. (3.1) 4. Exoskeleton Costs should be like 2 steel 1 nano and 10k+ bytes. If you work as a team, each player can fulfill a different task. Leg slots can be switched if the mule is empty, which allows for quick adaption. Basic movement should consume tractor-ish amounts of energy.   I'm open for more utility suggestions and general feedback, all numbers included are open for discussion