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Mobile Tethers in Backpack

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This may be a bit of an odd suggestion, but I thought that placing a single tether on your backpack should allow you to work as a 'mobile tether'

This seems useless at first, but it could have many uses:


1: Player with many oxygen tanks or filters can save a suffocating astroneer

2: For long expeditions, if two players can tether each other, their oxygen and power will be shared (it would divide power and oxygen equally)

3: Allows a second player to walk slightly further away from a tether line when another player is connected

4: Stops people in a group getting lost so easily in caves, thanks to a big blue line connecting them

5: When mining, someone could act as a 'power generator', one person collecting the reources while the other is full of power modules

6: Small source of light (less than worklight)


I don't know if this is a good idea or not, just wanted the idea to be out there.

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The idea's mainly about players sharing their oxygen, currantly the only way you can donate oxygen to a dying player is by passing them an oxygen tank.

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