Specific Savefile Crashes Game

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I am including an email to support[at]systemera.net with the requested information and file attachments in addition to this post.

My main save file (the one I have the most hours played) crashes within a minute or two of game play with an access violation code c0000005.  No other saves are crashing.

This problem occurs whether I use mouse/keyboard or controller.

I am playing on Steam.

At the time of crash, I have done everything from just standing perfectly still, doing nothing; driving a rover; moving medium storage platforms onto large storage which are connected to large rovers; creating packagers; walking around my base;pretty much anything.

The issue can be reproduced by simply loading the save file and waiting a couple of minutes for it to crash.

No media or files are attached to this forum post as they have been attached to the email. Those files include a copy of the savefile itself, dxdiag.txt, and a zipped copy of the most recent CrashReportClient log folder, along with event viewer Information and Error output.

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