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I have a 3 monitor configured as 1 setup - giving me a Resolution of 5760x1080.

While not dazzling resolution, it IS handy to have peripheral vision. The problem is, Astroneer doesn't like it much.  When I run the game in full screen mode - I get everything as if through a magnifying glass, and miss a lot of details - notably top and bottom of screen.   The only way to get around this, is to, with some difficulty, as the windowed variation doesn't appear to let itself scale in a user-friendly fashion, to get the game roughly into 1920x1080 in a window - not optimal, but it means I have the full picture - meaning I can see my legs again and other things not displayed when in full resolution.

The only way I can manage to get the screen size reduced, is to load a game, hit ESC, then ALT-Spacebar to get the window menu, choose size, and then the window lets itself be adjusted per mouse, in a fashion. When I get it down to the size of one screen, I can then click on the 'Maximise' icon top right of the window, to get it to fill up my 1920x1080 screen. Ugly.

There's no way to set it to full screen 1920x1080 in the options, well, none that I've found.  And if I run at full res, 5760x1080, I miss too much of what's going on.

Is there a way to fix this?  To cater for a multi-display set-up?

Top image 5760x1080, Bottom image 192x1080 (approx.)



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@njoiru AWESOME! Thanks so much - I will try this out and let you know how I got on... I've been cursing this for so long - it'd be nice to be able to play it as it's meant to be...  I do hope the devs can do something about it, without us having to resort to jiggery pokes...

Thanks again! Much appreciated!

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