My existing worlds won't open

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I was just about to complete the game by drilling to the Atrox core, but i forgot my Packagers at my shuttle so i went to get them. I went on foot for 1 minute, but when i came back i realized that my tractor (tractor, trailer, Drill strength 2 and medium battery) was gone. I thought: oh, just another glitch. I'll just close without saving and come back so the glitch never happened. I wqas about to load my world, when i realized that it didn't open. I tried opening my other world, (i have 2 worlds right now) but that didn't open aswell. If i create a new world it runs just fine, but i am not going to play ASTRONEER 11 hours for 6 days straight. Please help me

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Hi. I have the same problem. I save and exit the game, I come another day, and when I try to open my save, the game loading screen stucks (computer freezes), and then crashes after 20-30 minutes. I've looked at forums, everywhere I can solve the problem, but the problem still persists.
thanks. and because I speak another language, I translated from Goggle. Thanks again.

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