Stop Revolution all of Planets.(PC, v1.1.3)

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Hello again System Era and all of Astroneers of the World 😊
I have a problem that the Revolution of all planets was stoped suddenly πŸ˜“

Description: Stop the Revolution all of Planets

Platform :Β  Steam

Version / Build Number:Β  v1.1.3

Windows 10 64bit pro : v1809 - 17763.529
Intel i7-4770 (3.4GHz 4core HT) and ASUS GTX-1070 (8GB) and
2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz
HDD (7200rpm) 1TB (about 400GB using, no partition)
Xbox One contoroller with USB cable
#USB using with only Mouse and Keybord and Xbox One Controller

I spent about four hours for just a digging and make slope to the Core to find new plants in Vesania and Glacio.
Although I have some solar panels on platforms, I realized that the base was always at night, for some reason seeing the batteies always empty.

I did try to restart the game and Steam-cliant, program and I did "Verify Integrity Game Files..." on the Steam too.
But a problem was not solved..... Stars never move again.....😣
I checked other save games, It was working right. This save data may have been corrupted........(oh no, my 25 hours works were gone....😴)
Is this BUG ?? or some secret of game ??

I upload a movie about that just in case, watch and check this if you need ;)

I would send some date (e.g. save file and more)Β  to SystemEra if you need,
Let me konw that anytime ;)

Hope this would be fix.
Sorry for my not good English.
Thank you

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Hello again all :)
I found an interesting thing about this problem, so I add report once more today.

I did load a save-file which is having a problem tonight,Β 
then I realized that the position of the planet that was supposed to have stopped was changed.😳
This pic is that, at last night (left half) and tonight (right half).

and I found one more big thing !!
Watch this movie please.

The Sun, planets and stars in the Sky,Β  They still keep stop at first.
but You can see they are moving little by little when each ALT + TAB with a keybord.😲
(They moves a little bit at a time when I press ALT+TAB and release ALT)
It happned with Window-mode and Borderless-window mode I confirmed that.

I hope this would be any help to find a cause and to fix that ;)
Thank you


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πŸ’¬ One more report :
I confirmed that Stars and Planets will move for about 0.5 sec when press 'Windows' button (show a Task-bar and Start-menu and close them) too.


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πŸ’¬ Report again πŸ’¬
When I install a beta proglram of the Summer-Update(link) on Steam,
Planets and Stars that was be stoped revolution begun move again !! 😁

After all, I did not know the Reason why they stopped,
but I would like to inform them that they have returned to their normal state for the time beingΒ πŸ˜‰

Thank you

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