One XBox, 3 users, whose a/c to buy the game for?

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Not wishing to be a complete pain here but we bought our first XBox at the weekend, never had a console before and we've totally mucked up the Minecraft creators pack by redeeming the code on my other half's account so our poor wee 9 year old can't now use the winter mini-games festival unless my other half is logged in and in-game.  A quick trawl of the internet shows us we aren't the first.  We won't be the last and I doubt Microsoft care.

We plan to get a copy of Astroneer.  The XBox is set up as home console for all of us so will we get into any hot water over whose account is used to buy the game?  We'd just like to anticipate any problems so we can get it right first time.  Are there in-game purchases?  If there are, do they live with the game or the player who bought the game? 

Any useful advice/thoughts gratefully received.


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There aren't purchases, but there are unlockable items which will be linked to the owner's gamertag. The additional suits, visors, and colours will only be usable on that account. 

Nothing that affects gameplay, no actual content, would be unavailable. 

As far as I know. 

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