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Hi, I have an astroneer game that I have been playing for about a month on my PC though the xbox app. About two weeks ago, the game stopped saving my progress. I had made my way through activating all gates on all planets except glacio and atrox. The no save bug reared its head about half way through atrox. I can't think of anything that could have changed on my PC that would have caused this bug. I was not even connected to the internet when it first happened. I can save progress in new games, just can't save progress on the one that I am most invested in.

  • My operating system is up to date
  • The xbox app is up to date
  • Astroneer is up to date, including the May 24 update, which did not result in any change to my situation.

I attached my system specs. Let me know if there is any more information I can provide to help trouble shoot.


PS - I posted this topic in the general forum. Sorry about that. Please delete that post if you like.


Speccy report - BOB3-PC.pdf

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I'm also unable to make any progress so I am simply not launching the game.

I have tried everything but reinstalling my OS. I am not starting over, either.

I've been to the Discord. I've Googled dozens of ideas. I have messed with the permissions of my folders. I just want to play the game. I just want the devs to say, "Hey we are working on this." I just want to be acknowledged.

Same deal: Windows Store version, updated Win10, updated drivers, reinstalled several times.


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I sent an email with several reports of this to the devs Support email address last week, and got a response:


The failure to save thing is due to a problem on Xbox that we have identified. Once the game gets into that state, it will never save again because it hits an Xbox save file limit. We are trying to figure out why saves are getting that big and working on a fix!

They didn't give any time line on the fix, but they say they're working on it. Hopefully we'll see it soon!

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Posted (edited)

I never saved on XBox, because I always played on Win10 with the Windows Store version. I suppose the issues are related but I am very pleased they're aware and working on it.


P.S. - I uninstalled the XBox version a week ago. If there is a thing I can do on that XBox let me know and I'll do it ASAP!

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