Transport methods: planes

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I think something that could be really cool would be if there could be planes in the game that have to be built from smaller parts that are in their own right are expensive. For example, to make a large plane you need to research and build the cockpit, fuselage, wings and engine(s). Then, you need to give it some sort of power source like a medium generator or something (ideally an rtg imo), and if the power source is lost then the plane's thrust is lost then it just glides. Though this would be very OP, I think there should be different sizes like with the shuttles and like with the shuttles have the price of materials and bytes vary. Also, this would be a fun late-game thing to circumnavigate planets with. Lastly, one more thing that could be interesting is if perhaps the plane would only glide on planets with an atmosphere, so on places like Desolo it would merely fall.

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