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J Vernet

Auto-Save and a Really Buggy Game

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I've (mostly) had fun with this game, but I'm now faced with the same frustration for the third time, and it's where I get off. In a nutshell, for as buggy as this game is, it should not have such a frequent and strict auto-save system.

I understand you want to create a game where the players actions have consequences. and you want the player to have to deal with those consequences. If the player screws up. you want them to be forced to rectify their mistake. And perhaps in few more versions you'll have that game. But right now, I find myself forced to rectify the game's mistakes.

Earlier, I board my buggy and the game auto-saves. I try to accelerate and I fall through the ground, into a cavern about 10 stories down. Oh well, bugs happen.I try to reload my only available save (when I boarded the buggy) and I can hear my buggy falling ten stories through the ground while I helplessly look at the "loading solar system" screen.

Now I'm forced to deal with the game's mistake. I can spend two hours tunneling out (like the first time this occurred). Suffocate myself, losing everything (like the second time). Or come to my senses and stop wasting my time with broken software (yes, this has happened three times)

I understand this is a game with a lot of moving parts, and bugs will occur. But for god's sake, give the player a separate save slot (I'd rather do tasks over than spend two hours tunneling). Or better yet, get rid of the auto-save altogether. 

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