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So we all use the standard forward/back to control the speed, however, I've found this to be a bit troublesome.  I made a decent tunnel to a cave system, problem was that it was too steep to properly control, even the tractor.  It picked up too much speed.  While the slopes are great for long slides to the center of a planet or moon, they are nearly impossible for a vehicle descent without losing control.


My thought would be to have a gear setting of sorts, maybe utilizing the +/- keys for instance.  This way, I can put the tractor into what would be 1st or 2nd gear for a more controlled descent, or maybe using the number keys for whatever gear, while still having the option for standard W/S movement.  This would also help greatly when using the vehicle to drill; giving more control.  This would also need to affect any trailers so they don't get away from the drive vehicle.

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