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Astroneer is nearly over. You need to think about multiplayer; SELLING server hosts; premium servers. Servers may have player limit. For killing other players we will bury them and make them fall to down. Vehicles must not deal damage to player but may make them fly away and get fall damage. Also all resources must be renewable. They may grow back by time at unloaded places. Actually i think about a planet that grows back. Let say we destroyed a planet than after we leave it will slowly grow back. Caves we dig will slowly disappear. Actually imagine it; planet itself slowly changing. I always wanted animals that spawn and walk around and drop resources. And F16 planes that you can fly with and bombard the planet for faster digging. When resources get destroyed they will spawn inventory materials on the floor. And not digable giant building blocks. For destroying blocks you need to deal a lot of damage.

Also i am thinking about making boardgame tools. You may make board game tools for board game companies. Also you could make a great MMOrpg game with living world and economy; with no level limit just exp requirement gets higher. And MOBA MMO survival deathmatch battle royal turnbased game. I dont know guys, making a great game is very easy; why everyone making the same game? Why do game devs copy? We know why a game is failed than why do you make same mistake. You know WOW sucks and each MMOrpg game is WOW clone today; they even worse. LOL socks, Fortnite sucks; they copy them. They make Minecraft clone; without caves and minning and underground dungeons.

Is cause of Paul's death secret?

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This isn't how to get rich and it makes really no sense to begin with. You're looking for an entirely different game there.

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