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A man-less shuttle is permanently flying around Silva

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I once played with a friend and left the game while in orbit in one of his shuttles. As a result, the shuttle stayed there flying around Silva.
It's been a while, maybe 3 months. But yesterday we were coming back to Silva and while in orbit waiting to see the landing bubble that man-less shuttle passed me by so fast, it startled me! So we thought, what if we come close enough to board it?
So yesterday we made a very tall ramp attempting to get on board that shuttle. Here are the resulting screenshots.
I know the shuttle looks as if it is flying backwards. It was. We noticed that we were not seen the shuttle at the same time. My friend (the host) was able to see the shuttle first, then after it was gone, I would start seeing it.


Unfortunately, after many attempts, we confirmed that it was not possible :(

But the whole experience proved to be worth trying.
I guess this bug has been fixed already, because I tried with a small shuttle and a large one (leaving the game while in orbit). But when I was back in the game the shuttle was no longer in orbit: it was on its landing pad.
However, I tried it solo. I wonder if it could still work when in multiplayer (which is how it happened on the first place).







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1 hour ago, The Touch of Grey Gamer said:

You sir are awesome sauce! Too cool! Thanks for sharing

Thank you :)


I should try to get a screenshot looking down to the habitat from the top of the ramp.

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I have to agree with you! These are some unbelievably fantastic videos! Thanks for sharing, AT! What other game lets you build a ramp that you can get into orbit on?

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Just FYI, the (known) stuck-shuttle bug can only happen in multiplayer.  The game saves a snapshot of where everything is when you get into a vehicle, right? So, if player A goes into orbit, then player B gets into a vehicle while they're still up there, then everybody quits (or player A's game crashes, etc), when you restore the players will spawn at a base, but the shuttle will still be in orbit, where it was when the game saved.

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