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Gargoyle Girl

The Road Layer Attachment: More Details on How it would work

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After seeing the jetpack had been made, I thought I would again suggest a road making attachment for the rovers; something that would both dig through terrain and leave a flat path behind, but fill in the inevitable dips and gaps in the ground you would encounter while trying to do this. I just feel that such an attachment would make sense considering the amount of time you have to spend traveling from place to place, and the number of deathtrap-like pitfalls you come across when trying to drive your rover with any amount of speed. This would allow you to basically pave your way as you went places, as well as speed your trip back once you reached your destination.

The attachment itself would looks something like a cross between a set of spiky steamroller wheels or the grinding gears like you would see in a paper shredder attached horizontally to the front of the rover. They would be wider and higher than the rover by some amount as well, so as to both make a road people could pass you on, and to make tunnels you could drive through without too much clipping. There would also be a section on it for attaching capsules for storing soil, as this would be how it did it's work when it needed to fill in holes, as well as a part that was a smaller, smooth roller for laying the path as you moved. As it sounds, it would be pretty large, and so wouldn't move super fast, but would go comparably slowly to give you as much control as possible in your pathmaking.

This device would have a setting as well for players to make use of which would set the 'gradient' for the roads. This means for example, you start from the edge of your nice, flat home base location. The player would have to lock in that height, and the road layer would then not go above that height in relation to the core of the planet. If the ground varied in any amount from that height, the device would either create ground at that height, or shave off soil and store it in the capsule for later use, as needed. This would keep the ground level, but also allow the machine to feed itself if it ran into a hill, and would keep the path being made smooth and even while taking into account the curvature of the planet's surface.

When driving this, the players view would shift slightly to be above the rover the road layer was attached to, looking down. This would allow the player to see exactly where they were going. When they entered a tunnel, or were underground, the view ahead would be the normal driver's view.

Speaking on this, the road layer could be taken underground. It can be deactivated so as to not create a road and driven anyplace it can fit into. But when in use, it will normally only create smooth, level roads. It's not designed to create slopes or angled paths. I feel it's weight would limit it from doing this easily; maybe a smaller version could be made for the trailer for this purpose?

Because of the size and complexity of this device, it would have a fairly high cost in resources, but not necessarily rarity. I imagine it needing some rare elements to make the digging parts, but it should come into play around the mid-part of the game, when the player has a well established home base and has unlocked a fair amount of technology.

Resources that are not soil that the road layer digs up would simply be dropped on the path it made behind itself for the player to collect. I do NOT consider this to be a caravan type vehicle; it's an extremely heavy device by itself, and so would need to be used as such. At best, one medium rover with storage could be brought along to pick up some of the dropped non-soil resources.

This is, of course, just my ideas on the thing. I think it would be very helpful if players were to encounter those random rifts that often appear on the map and could just build a bridge across, could smooth out a path to one of the alien teleporter points for easy traversal, or could simply set out to make roads that circle the planet. I could even see the road layer being able to be augmented with an auto tether device to make the roads safe to lay for long distances without having to stop and run back frequently. (I imagine this as being a part on one side that looks like the players backpack. You fill this with tethers, and as you drive and reach the furthest point for a tether to link up, it auto-deploys on to the side of the rover as it moves along, until you run out of tethers.)

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This! So much this! 
Who is playing, SES staff?

When do we get our hands on this? Wanderer update?

Blind! Blind! Tell me the good news my friend. Are we just a mere few days away from having this ability?

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