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So I am confused... I just signed up for the Astroneer Discord channel and under rule #10 it says:

10. | Do not ping the developers. Face it, SES is busy and can't take care of the individual messages of thousands of people. Use the forums or talk to the community.

And under the additional notes section:

- (5) Do not DM or ping anybody (especially not the staff/moderators) without a good reason (for example, you are free to DM a mod if someone is breaking the rules).

If SES isn't going to pay attention to us on the forums and you can get booted for trying to message them, how is the game going to get fixed? I already feel stupid for taking the bait and signing up for something I didn't want in the first place. Like hell I'm going to add insult to injury by signing up for Twitter just so I can be ignored there. WTF is up with this? Are they trying to ignore their player base to nothing? What will happen on next week's episode.....oh yeah, another "patch" that makes the game even more unplayable. It's possible, you just watch. 💩

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