Identify and Group saves by introducing Character naming

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OK I play on a PC, so i'm not sure how relevant this is to consoles, but I find the save system to be a little 'confining'. I was thinking if you allowed a player to name their character, it would increase 'ownership', then all the saves for that character could be stored as a reference to them. That way, instead of saved game - date, I could have saved game 'Fred' and saved game 'Wilma' and saved game 'Bam Bam', each of which would have their relevent saves stored, it would mean I would be able to remember where that character was instead of trying to remember what happened on a certain date. So I would select 'Wilma' and then would get a list of the saves/dates available (maybe even a pic taken when the save was made) with the default being the most recent for that character.


So the saves would look like:

	Save 1 - date - location
	Autosave - date - location
	Save 2 - date - location

	Save 1 - date - location
	Autosave - date - location
	Save 2 - date - location
	Save 3 - date - location

Bam Bam
	Save 1 - date - location
	Autosave - date - location

Potentially each of the saves could have a screen pic grabbed at the time of save, plus an autogenerated comment, ie Save due to save & quit, User Save, Autosave.  The character name could have a character picture with it, so as you change your character, you can see their use

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