Dealing with disappearing vehicles

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So i ran into the issue of vehicles disappearing when landing my shuttle. I haven't found good info on how this bug works and how to prevent it or at least deal with it somehow. Does anyone have any experience with this? I really don't want to loose anymore vehicles.

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So here s what Ive gathered so far.

Vehicles can disappear if they get pushed into the ground either by a shuttle/spaceship landing on them, or during building you enclose them too tightly in dirt. IF they rare pushed into the ground they fall through the planet until they hit a cave (if they hit a cave) a which point you can find them there and get them back.

The other way for vehicles to disappear that I know of is apparently if you overloaded them, bounce physics (looks like bad shock absorbers on a vehicle) caused them to go flying into the air. As of the last patch I haven't seen this issue when I fill my vehicles to capacity (2x large storage on a truck or spaceship which is then filled with full storage crates or large objects like Habitats or Artifacts) *takes  firm grip on the wooden desk under his keyboard*

When I launch into space on my runs to establish bases on the other worlds I can see vehicles that have floated away gathered in some distant corner of the solar system. I remember reading of some people managing to recover vehicles that were flying low, but I don't really understand how they did this.


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I am playing the PC version and both my vehicles: rover and truck almost "disappeared". 

Was away from base in truck and came back to find rover missing. Searched around base and visited caves. No rover found. ... well at least I still have my truck.

A little while later after exploring on other side of the mountains, I return  to base , craft some stuff and turn back around to where the truck was and it has disappeared. Or so I thought.

I again when searching for the truck and then I saw the 3 dot vehicle icon on the other side of the mountain that I had recently explored. I do not know if this icon is for the truck or rover yet.

Icon and mountain is a long way away. I will have to build another truck to tow the first truck back to base ... or start a new game.


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The vehicle icon behind the mountains:

I tried to get to the vehicle and died a couple of times. I started a new game, but decided to have another go at getting the vehicle back. Eventually found vehicle (was the truck :) ). Still have not found Rover.  Had to climb mtn and as soon as I got close to truck, it fell into a gully. Went back down mtn and had to tunnel through mountain passes to get to it and make a road out of the mtns. Truck back at base now, but for how long.

See pics. 


at least its down.jpeg

there tis.jpeg

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I actually was able to retrieve a disappearing vehicle by walking around the area I was in when I lost it; after it disappeared, I ran out of Oxygen and died... ran back and paced around the area where I had last saw it, and suddenly it appeared.

I was able to recreate this 'recovery' twice, however the second time it spawned followed by 'spazzing out' once again and disappearing.


I found that if it does the 'spaz out' before disappearing, if you are close enough to it to gain the natural Oxygen-teather, it floated close to me and then I was able to spam TAB to get back into the vehicle and try to save it. (Happened 4 times in total; two were recovered via methods above, but the other two were lost)

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The hard gray base of the vehical bay is one of the things that re spawns prior to any of the terrain so if you parked on that it might not dissaper . Make sure and either dedicate a vehical for the rover and such and another for the shuttle. That may solve some of the problem.

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