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Hi errybody!

I have some empirical data for you all!

I recently built my first large rover and took it for a spin, it seemed to suck on mountain slopes, so I can only assume it must be decent on the flat.

This got me thinking about the different speeds of the rovers in general, as i had found the Scout Buggy was not as fast as I'd have liked in real world situations, leading me to stick to the tractor  + trailer early on.

And so, here is is my efforts to see what vehicle is best for general bouncing over a plain.
Obviously This doesn't help with mountain climbing, crater diving or subterranean squirming.
I really hate the buggy's propensity to flip.



Astroneer land speeds


Drive a set distance across relatively flat Terran plains, from my first base to the local Thing and back, circling the resource patch under the Thing and taking the same path between obstacles each time.

Each vehicle was relatively unencumbered, having the minimum of an RTG and single seat, or two small power modules as appropriate.

- Medium Rover, 95 seconds
Fairly standard ride, hit a couple of rocks which stopped us dead twice.

- Tractor, 105 seconds
A bit bouncier. Hit a rock which stopped us dead. Felt faster than it was, probably due to the small size.

-Tractor with a trailer, 90 seconds
The trailer seemed to help smooth out the bounces, and it felt like the trailer was putting down power if the tractor bounced off the ground.

-Buggy, 90 seconds
Reasonably quick, but I don't like the buggy's super bouncy ride, like the shock dampers are blown. From other experiences, this thing sucks at jagged terrain, despite it's great climb angle. Coupled with its minimal power and storage utility, I wouldn't recommend.

- Medium with a trailer, 85 seconds
Same effect from the trailer here. I really like the medium rover underground, it seems to perform well in most environments.

- Large Rover, 90 seconds
Feel slow, due to its large size. I've only tested it a bit, but it seems terrible at climbing.
Probably the best prairie queen there is.

Large with a medium attached, 75 seconds
Had a very wide turning radius when negotiating the turnaround at speed.
Obviously the large rover will be best for roaming large open spaces with all the equipment you could want. Now that i'm here on this forum, I'm seeing a lot of threads about having multiple Larges trained together, so it must be the Go To strat for mobile basing around.


Anyhow, that's my results, if anyone feels the science is not up to their exacting standards, feel free to spite me by sharing more rigorously attained data.




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I definitely agree that trailers help with rover speeds, and yeah large rover trains are the bomb :) I'm a little surprised how bad the buggy is though, I never used it much but I always assumed it would be faster given it trades off so much for speed.

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@Kaz_ Nice work, I might try this just for poops and giggles. I do agree with your assessment of the different rover classes. For extra stability, I usually use the full three trailers with the tractor. At least until I hit a hole, the tractor train flips, and I have to spend 20 minutes digging an area out just to get it to flip. 🤬 Ah well, guess I should take my drivers test again....

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