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Hi,  I am having/ been having an issue for a long time where the game freezes for up to a second or so occasionally.  It freezes for smaller amounts of time a couple of times a minute and sometimes for up to around a second.  Then when it comes back my character has moved like it would have if it had not frozen which is problematic.  For instance if i'm sliding down a ramp and it freezes and i can't turn the i fly off the ramp and die.  It also makes the game a lot harder to play.  I notice it most on sylva.  I didn't mention anything till now because i knew you were working on performance but after trying the last beta update I still have the issue.  Here is a link to a youtube video I made so you can see the issue i'm referring to. 


My specs are.

gtx 1070 8 gigs of ram

quad core 2.6 ghz intel quad core (3.2 turbo).

32 gigs of ram

windows 10

I have virtual memory disabled so its not paging in an out memory in the ram at least.


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I have since fixed the issue.  I moved the game to my other hard drive and that has made a huge difference.  I would have thought that a 3gbps solid state only being utilized between 7-16 percent would have handled this game better but i guess not.  I moved it to a second solid state where the OS was not running and now there is only barely noticeable loading blips.

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