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Upgrade idea: "Blueprint enhancer"

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The "blueprint enhancer" (BE, name can be changed) is a large building which allows the combination of a medium items with (multiple) small items.

The idea originates from my "global updates", idea which was a bit overpowered ;) (See link)

The building:

The BE is build kind of like a research chamber combined with multiple small slots in front like a smelter.

The player can put up to medium size boxed items on top. If there are enhancements available, the small slots in the front show the blue ghost items. If already enhanced, the item is shown as a purple ghost items.

There is a panel which starts the enhancement process.


These ideas are open for discussion and can be of course extended.

- platform + worklight = lighted platform

- soil centrifuge + (up to 4) soil canisters = larger soil storage

- tether + worklight = colored tether

- rover seat + beacon = integrated beacon

- buggy + beacon + small generator + medium storage = buggy with integrated beacon + runs on organic (but has no battery) + has 2 more small slots

- medium generator + small generator = also runs on organic but burns faster

There are a lot of possibilities for useful combinations, those were just some examples.


Should be late midgame, so there should be like 5k bytes and gas based resouces involved.


Do you like the general idea of such a upgrade building?

Do you have good examples for useful upgrade combinations?


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