Multiple Shuttles stuck in space around planets

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Steam, Multiplayer, Keyboard & Mouse

Crafting materials & prepping for 2nd player to head from Sylva to Glacio leading up to the issue

Shuttle's have got stuck in space 3 times now, 2 around Sylva, 1 around Glacio. All piloted by 2nd player joining my game.

Steps to reproduce, your guess is as good as mine. All my friend is doing is getting in & pressing launch (C)


Suggestion for solution (i saw it on Steam forums). Put an inactivity timer on orbiting shuttles. If it has no input for X minutes. Auto land on planet it is orbiting

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We had this happen too. It was when we both launched at pretty much the same time.

The ship just got stuck in orbit, and I had to exit the game and join back in, which placed me on Sylva as if I was joining for the first time.

The ship is still in orbit.

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We have several shuttles orbiting various planets because people's games crashed whilst in orbit.  We can't work out a way of getting them down, so we've started using them as a reminder of which planets we've been to.

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If a client crashes in space, the only way I know how to undo it is for the Host to immediately open the menu and reload the save.  Everyone will be kicked had have to rejoin.  If someone saves the game before the Host reloads, the changes can't be reverted.  If the host successfully reloads, the game should revert to the moment the client that crashed entered the shuttle (and therefore saved the game).

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