Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

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On 5/3/2019 at 1:07 AM, SES_joe said:

Extra Large Shredder has been added to the game! Tired of wrecked Rovers and smashed Research Chambers littering the landscape? Changed your mind about that fourth Smelter in your base? Worry no more, because the new EXO Dynamics Extra Large Shredder is here to clean up the mess! This powerful machine takes on your larger pieces (or many smaller items) with the greatest of ease. Just be sure to have a big enough platform to fit this beast - only the Extra Large will do. The Extra Large Shredder will recycle the following objects into Scrap:

  • Atmospheric Condenser
  • Chemistry Lab
  • EXO Dynamics Research Aid expended pyramid top
  • Large Printer
  • Large Seat (3-seat)
  • Large Shredder
  • Large Storage
  • Partially Wrecked Medium Platform
  • Research Module
  • Smelter
  • Soil Centrifuge
  • Trade Module
  • Wrecked Medium Platform
  • Wrecked Research Module
  • Wrecked Rover
  • Wrecked Smelter

This thing is a ripoff! 😭 I wanna shred everything! Perhaps, there could be a Super Large Shredder with such ability. TIER 4 IS NOT ENOUGH. WE NEED TIER 5 ITEMS!!!! Anyway, I am glad that the detritus-pocolypse is over. We can finally shred those stinkin' things!


On 5/3/2019 at 1:07 AM, SES_joe said:

Extra large Platform C has been added to the Catalog. 
This new platform is the largest platform currently available from EXO Dynamics. It is able to fit either 4 Large items or 1 Extra Large item PLUS 2 Large items. Hook up a pair of Smelters and fill up an Extra Large Storage, or slap on a new Extra Large Shredder and a Large Storage and Trade Platform - ready to trade some Scrap for useful resources!


- Printed from: Large Printer
- Resource Cost: 2 Iron, 2 Steel
- Byte Cost: 5000

This thing is AWESOME. It gives a good use for Steel; it has great storage: there are so many possibilities!

On 5/3/2019 at 1:07 AM, SES_joe said:

We have updated the Mantle layers of Vesania, Calidor, and Glacio with beautiful new flora, as well as Research Samples and Research Items.
This shouldn't impact your current bases much, except you might have to dig up a few new plants or harvestables! Be sure to check out these planet's new underground layers!


These new biomes are, in my opinion, the best new features in the entire update. They were added seamlessly (pun totally intended) to the game and make these cave layers much more lively. I have only been to the Web Forest Cave (fourth cave down on Glacio) and I would like to make a note of what I know about it:





Christmas Tree Gasser

Purple Popcoral

Web Shrub

Web Tree

(If you know of any others, please notify me.)











(If you know of any others, please notify me.)

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hello :) I have here pc/steam version and it is rather unplayable: game dies (became "not responding" in task manager) first few minutes of gameplay, sometimes even on loading, once even on game starting. I do not mind so much bugz in game but it is very hard to enjoy all these shiny new toys when I cannot play the game :)

can we pretty please have little fix of this anywhere soon?

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I am sure they working, hopefully on dedicated server :D we really want to be able finally play together cos game is one of the outstanding. atm I am using "-nosound" cmd line key, but it is like half game, I am used to rely on sounds of the game alot :)

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On 5/5/2019 at 7:25 PM, marhuff55 said:

you need to package it first before you can pick it up

That sucks. I can see having to do that on a large rover but what a waste of a packager on a medium rover. You can move large shuttles around but not a medium or large rover.

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Is there any topic to discuss general performance about the game?

This game really need performance improvements. On Xbox the most. But even on PC. Could be priority for coming updates.

I play on my PC nowadays instead of Xbox (S) due to the framerate issues.

But even on PC the game using resources really bad. If I turn settings all the way fully Ultra I have the same result as on High or Medium settings. Gpu runs on 100% but Vram sits on 1.5-1.6GB all the time (RX 570 4GB), Cpu usually 10-15%. Only difference will be the temps of the card. It's weird the game doesn't use more memory. It could really improve performance and/or take some load off the gpu to be able to use it for other.

Does anyone else has thoughts?

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