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Desolo land mas and resource generation

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OK, so, first off: I'm playing Astroneer after a longer pause.
A lot of stuff (including the new planetary land generation) is new to me.
So, I had to visit Devolo 6 times before even being able to find a cave entrance...
And I had 5 stacks of tethers with me to find that entrance around my shuttle landing spot,
searching one direction at a time and grabbing all placed tethers again for the next cardinal direction.
That alone is pretty frustrating, considering the time and the resources wasted (for all those solid-fuel thrusters and trips back to Sylva).

But now I found a cave and I found pretty much every single resource type in there - EXCEPT the Wolframite I was searching for.
Nothing at all after 30 minutes of wandering around in that cave.

I have clogged 140 hours into Astroneer at this point and this is the first playthrough that really frustrates me.

So am I just unlucky, or is the resource generation a bit weird?
Any tips how to up my chances of finding Wolframite?


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Nevermind..... I found some. As if the game had heared me.
A cavern with the whole ceiling full of Wolframite.
Sometimes, I love this game. But sometimes...

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Wolframite is pretty deep in Desolo from my experience.

Also, use a buggy on Desolo. It makes exploring so much easier. I definitely had to drive for ages to find a cave entrance.

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