Land disappears after modification on non-host players

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I do not currently have images of what occurs but I will try to explain it as best as I can. 

My husband and I play this game together and really enjoy it. Recently a major bug occurs in our game play that make coop play near impossible. 

If he (the host) modify the land at any point, I(coop player, non host) could simply see through the map. I also loose collision in those spots. It is like the grind simply disappears on my game while he is standing next to me and sees the grid as intended. 


This causes many problems in caves or other narrow treacherous areas where i have traveled on numerous occasions and suddenly the ground simply vanishes, making me or my vehicle fall through the world. 


Please help! I would love to play this game again. 

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Does is randomly appear, like normally on angles? that is called a world tear. It has been a bug for the entire games life. They are trying to fix it. Question, does the hole shoot you up through the world, or do you fall through to the center or something?

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I have had both issues occur (shoot up and fall through) depending of where it occurred. 

You are correct, definitely a world tear issue but it seems more extensive than I have seen in other games as giant patches are often missing, not just small areas. 


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