1.0.15 - Steam - Some backpack assets getting stuck in midair

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1.0.15 - Steam - Some backpack assets getting stuck in midair


I joined my friend (who was hosting) on Calidor where I found that the oxygen/power bars and terrain tool were stuck in place in midair. Although they still functioned, when far away I could not view my oxygen or power levels. AFAIK there is no way to consistently reproduce this. A gateway warp appeared  to fix the issue.

Here's a screenshot of it in action: 20190419173010_1.thumb.jpg.71abe68d4abf88aa5d8349471b85dea7.jpg

Notice my terrain tool and oxygen/power bars to the left of my backpack.



Version / Build Number:



  • OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1809 | Build 17763.437
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k 3.7GHz
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 2x8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM
  • Drive: WD Blue 250GB Internal SSD
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