Game Freezing my Computer on closing the game, and an exploit you might want to know about.

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Hello! To get right to the point, the game likes to freeze when I try to exit the game. Not only freeze the game, but my whole system. I am forced to hit the power button on my Laptop when this happens (Which is every time). This is the first and only game that I have run across this problem with. I'm convinced it has to do with a MASSIVE memory leak that starts when you try to close the game.

This problem used to also happen during game play, but the most resent patch seems to have either corrected it, or at the very least helped it.

Next up, when you put two scrap in the trading rocket (When it's set to get lithium.) You can get one lithium at zero cost, as the one lithium comes, but the two scrap is also still on the rocket. So it cost nothing to get the lithium.

Would love some help with the freezing on trying to close the game. It's rather annoying......

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What hardware specs does your laptop have?

That scrap thing sounds like a glitch. Which game version do you have? Platform (steam/windows store) and patch (should be

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