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"Red Giant" Mode

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A play mode called "red giant" or whatever, in which after some time after the normal beginning of the game, the sun comes to end cycle of its life and it turns into a red giant, slowly increasing its volume and eating all the planets as it gets bigger and bigger, from the inner Sylva to the outer ones. The process is not of course that rapid, and in theory there would be plenty of time to do survival stuff and relaxed stuff.

The player must escape the inner planets moving to outer planets and in the same time complete the story objectives. Maybe he's obligated to move his stuff every time, at least the most important ones, so you must optimize in resources to take and research to complete at each stage.

It may make sense to introduce a "Universal Days" measurement of time, maybe based on Sylva rotation with this mode, to keep track and estimate on when the next planet destruction will occurr.

This mode is not relaxed of course like the default mode is, and it serves to give the player a strong pourpose and to keep him on the edge all the time that is a thing that the default mode doesn't do and this fact may put a risk the longevity of the game. Don't Starve for example does this thing very good, you may die everytime for multiple reasons and that way the player is extremely focused and interested in what he does.

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