[Bug] Cannot land at North Pole bases

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tldr; Cant click on your base to land when in orbit if its on north pole.
I spent hours packing up my large base and moving it to a location next to one of the big gateway/portal buildings.   Set up everything and made it cool.... then launched into space to go get something off a different planet. 

On return... I was extremely frustrated to find that I could not land at my new base (I even had a habitat and landing pad there).  It was apparently too far off to the right side of the planet (north pole area) to have the orbiting shuttle see its landing bubbles.... I could see all the beacons from my habitats and shuttles... but i couldn't click on anything to land there...    

I was forced to land at my original base... which had been completely stripped clean and moved to the north pole... it was just the landing pad and habitat with no oxygenator.  I had nothing to get me back over to my new base. Stranded.

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