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Oh, I forgot to write a few more.

Tier: 3 or 4
Required bytes: Same as 4 Tier Solar Array (5,000 byte)
Materials: Similar as 4 Tier Solar Array. But a little different. (1x Copper, 1x Glass, 1x Aluminium Alloy, 1x Graphene)
Generate power: Same as 4 Tier Solar Array or much more (8.0U/s or above)
Condition: Strong wind(3 Tier) or Very strong wind(4 Tier)
Cable plug: 2 or 4 (4 Tier only)

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Great idea!

I disagree on the tier 3 or 4 wind though. If this was the case, no one would get it, just go for the solar panel. Think about it... the whole reason we build such Large wind turbines is so they work in lower winds. In my mind, this would be a late-game thing where, with a couple (5?) turbines, a small wind could keep you sustained. Kind of like RTG’s, it: takes a lot of research and resources, but provides constant power. These things would take less research, and less resources, but is less reliable (wind doesn’t always blow, some planets have no atmosphere)

also, I love the look of the helical turbine. It totally fits the game style I think.

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