Soil Centrifuge Should Be Physically Balanced

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Currently when I run the soil centrifuge that produces less than 8 items (quartz, graphite, etc.) the soil centrifuge puts all the soil on one side of the machine. In real life, this kind of configuration would destabilize the centrifuge, causing it to shake and potentially fly off.

I would like to see this behaviour properly represented in the game, or have the soil centrifuge properly balance its soil placements.

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I came here to see if this suggestion had already been made. It reminded me of this video, which shows it can be kind of an interesting problem to generalize. Unfortunately there are configurations which wouldn't be possible to balance. Dummy tubes could also be added for those cases, but that might be a bit more implementation work.

It's obviously not critical to gameplay, but it would be a fun bit or realism.

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